Berend Smit (1961)

Berend Smit

Encyclopaedia      As a little boy, I was curious and asked everyone 'why' and 'how' questions. From the age of five, I started reading the Encyclopaedia at home. My knowledge is widely developed; on average I read 100 books per year on quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, theology, neuroplasticity and nanotechnology.

Career      In my career, I have worked as an International Trouble-shooter throughout the world for companies and organizations. I lived in the USA for about 10 years. In the past I have been on many stages in the world to tell about my unique way of thinking. I also worked with many famous people, but this is not important. According to my way of thinking; Successes of the past do not apply to receiving your desired situation and your success.

Your reality        It is my experience that professors (and other educated people) in the same science, all have their own point of view and opinion: who should you believe? Who is right? This does not matter. According to my way of thinking; What you believe in is completely your truth. If you communicate your opinion, conclusion and truth with The Consciousness, you will receive this as your reality.

Life is Beautiful

Berend about My Book:

"My way of thinking is simple: I think from my desired situation, from the end, as if I experience it for real. This way of thinking and the underlying theory, is now described in My Book, so that if you read My Book, you can receive your desired situation."


Diana Polder (1966)

Diana Polder

In search      Before I met Berend, I have always been in search of that same state of being that I experienced as a child. I was a curious child and collected stacks of books from the library every week. After writing My Book it became clear to me that as a child I lived in my world most of the time.

How and why       I have always been interested in the ‘law of attraction’ and quantum physics, but it did not give me the answers that I wanted. During the writing of My Book I asked Berend every 'how' and 'why' questions. I know what Berend means by Living from The Consciousness. I understand this, he is actually living it.

By using simple language, 'My Book' has become a book for everyone.

Organizing    Besides being a writer, I am a Life & Work organizer and like to organize and structure things. Powerful, without judgment and with respect for your own direction and choices, I stimulate you to always receive your desired situation.

Diana about My Book: "This way of thinking is surprisingly simple; You do not have to do anything. Just ‘be’! For me this was the biggest eye-opener in writing My Book. As a human being we tend to make life extremely complicated, while Living in your desired situation is, in essence, childishly simple".


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