We regularly receive questions from readers. We have listed some of the most common questions especially for you here. Do you have a question about MY BOOK? Please send us a mail!



-Q-     "What is the difference in the way of thinking from MY BOOK with other ways of thinking?'

-A-     Any other way of thinking indicates only one way how you, as a person, should do and experience things. In this way you maintain your Being Human and you live from your observations and experiences. MY BOOK does not tell you anything where you need us as writers to tell you what to do to receive your desired situation. We teach you nothing and do not prescribe anything, we only take away your ignorance. The ignorance that there is a producer of what you receive in your daily life. There is nothing you need other than the mindset described in MY BOOK. There is not a single question that remains unanswered if you live according to the method of MY BOOK. In other words, every question has been answered in MY BOOK. In short ... you communicate with what we call "The Consciousness" in MY BOOK. The Consciousness is the producer of what you indicate to receive. You don't have to do anything for this. All that is required for the production of your desired situation is a different way of thinking and different communication. So that you always receive what you like to receive, your desired situation.



-Q-     "Why was the title MY BOOK chosen?"

-A-     The content of MY BOOK is not about us writers. Then we would have called it OUR BOOK. We are only a conduit for this thinking method. As soon as you read MY BOOK, you will know why the title is perfectly appropriate for this book; it is MY BOOK, written only for you. MY BOOK is YOUR book, for you and only your desired situation!




-Q-     "How is this matter mindset different from the Law of Attraction?"

-A-     Initially, there seems to be a slight difference between the Law of Receiving on the one hand and the Law of Attraction on the other. The power is in a tiny difference with a phenomenal effect. We explain it to you ... With the Law of Attraction you learn what you as a person have to do to attract things that you would like. You pretend it is and then you would attract what you want in your life.

An example: suppose there is a person who wants to attract a million euros at the end of the year. This person is going to work at the bank. Then he may have attracted that million (and more), but the money is not his own.

In our thinking-method the Law of Receiving focuses on what is after you have received your desired situation. The Law of Receiving goes a step further than the Law of Attraction; experience your desired situation as if it has already been received and continue from there. Communicate this experience (as if you have already received your desired situation) to The Consciousness to actually produce this for you to receive.


For The Consciousness, reality and imagination are both true.
Fake it till you make it!


As a person, you only have to pay attention to signals that are coming towards you, which you are going to act on. Just to stick to the example: experience your million as if you already own it and are already spending it. As if it already is. This also applies to your peace of mind, your health, your relationships.



-Q-     "I don't know what my desired situation is at all. How do I find out what my desired situation is?"

-A-     You know very well what you do not want, but you absolutely do not have a glue about what your desired situation is. This is because as a human being you are often ignorant of the existence of receiving your desired situation. You just live your life. You don't even think about the possibility that you could receive your desired situation at all! If you cannot think of your desired situation, it is usually due to not being able to receive; you can not imagine that this is for you and you create all kinds of (unconscious) conditions to be able to receive it: "If ... then ...". Because you do not know what your desired situation is, you do not instruct the producer to produce it for you, so that you can receive it; you do not make use of the producer.


While reading MY BOOK, readers discover that there is a producer of your desired situation, without having to do anything for it. By thinking differently and adjusting your communication, you as a reader receive your desired situation. Often this happens in a miraculous way that you could not have imagined beforehand. Actually, this thinking-method is incredibly simple!



-Q-     "Eckhart Tolle and mindfulness are talking about the moment NOW. MY BOOK is mainly talking about tomorrow. What is the difference?"

-A-     When we ask "How are you?" Your answer is usually based on your current situation, your reality, based on your perception and experience. Your desired situation cannot be based on what is, what is currently there. Because "what is, is that what is." There is no yesterday and there is no tomorrow. There is nothing at this moment. Your desired situation is based on what is yet to come. From NOW on you continue with your desired situation. Are you not doing this? Then you reproduce everything for yourself. This is perfectly fine if this serves you, but in practice many people do not live the way that they want.

Yesterday is just a thought. Tomorrow is just a thought. We only have the arrogance as a human being to think that NOW is more than a thought ...


An example: Tomorrow has nothing to do with today unless you make that choice. If you are having a bad day today, this does not automatically mean that tomorrow is also a bad day. If your desired situation is for you to enjoy yourself and have a good time, you are more likely to have a good day tomorrow.



They have discovered dark matter and anti-matter. 
MY BOOK says: it all doesn't matter