It is all about trusting that your desired situation is already there. Before I read the book, I was stuck in the daily grind and struggles in my company. Will I get customers next month? How do I get enough money to make ends meet? As I read, I became much more aware of these thoughts, so that I now leave things behind and less focus on my current situation. The path to your desired situation can be exciting, but with practice and with the insights from the book I am sure everyone can do it.
~ Anna Husson


Grateful for ‘My Book’. Great tool to ‘be’ even more conscious from The Consciousness.

Berend and Diana have explained together in a simple way how it works.

Many times I have experienced special things and still every minute I experience that from The Consciousness everything is possible!

Lo sono la conscienza.
~ Mariska Butter


You are in charge of your own life. Very inspiring to read!

You direct, resonate, and communicate what you want to receive.

After reading My Book you experience everything differently. In everything you do.

Nothing is coincidence.
~ Karin Langhout-Elzinga


My Book helps you to realize imagination.

Asking the right questions and many good examples to find the right answers in yourself.

My Book reads more and more easily on the way to a clear message for your desired situation.
~ Jan Paul


Uncertainty about myself, my career doesn’t go as I had hoped for before, struggles regarding relationships, there are always issues that occupy me or about which I mull over without anything changing.

My Book helps me to better reach my goals by setting them down in time and then letting go of them to receive at a later time.

It is a continuous process in which sometimes everything seems to go automatically, but sometimes not at all. And then there is My Book again to put me back on the right track.

My Book is perfectly readable, easy language, with enough repetition and with enough examples. Recommended!
~ Anita van Wagenveld


‘Receive your desired situation’, the first reaction that came to mind was, ‘Please! But how?’

I soon let go of that. Berend and Diana understand the question marks and doubts that are raised in the reader, and then each time there is a good answer.

As a reader you feel taken seriously and you start to understand it better and better.

As a result, you can apply concepts like ‘I am The Consciousness’ and ‘Does it serve me?’ in any situation. The knowledge that I can always fall back on that offers me personally a lot of support and makes everything so much simpler and clearer.
~Sherry Kalpoe


I am a person who acts from emotion and who makes choices from my feelings.

From my field of work I have a lot to do with the daily manifestation. There are always issues playing through my head like, ‘Is there enough work for tomorrow?’, ‘And the day after tomorrow?’, personnel problems, etcetera.

This daily routine always held me that way, which made it very rare for me to think or dream about next week/month/year/years.

Because of the matter in My Book I am much more conscious of today’s work and can more easily let go of what is. The resonance thought as if you were booking a holiday and the imagination that goes with it, are personally written for me because of the fact that I already naturally use emotion in making my choices and can apply this perfectly to what I want for myself and my environment.

My Book helps you to change the current way of thinking that makes you more than your own person and actually you thought so all this time already. I am The Consciousness and this is My Book.
~ Sieb Elzinga


Clear, life-changing and for everyone to get started with. A lot of playing/exercising and it’s going to prove itself to you … just pay attention!
~ Tessa from Tilburg-Sprockel


In My Book, a clear, practical way of thinking is set out to guide your life. You become aware of the difference between your Being Human and The Consciousness and by gaining insights into this matter you can put down your desired situation. Anyone can do this. See the book as a handbook, it can last a lifetime.
~ Jeannet Amende


My Book reads easily, with examples that are recognisable to everyone, both private and work related and with practical exercises. In the beginning it is mainly practising, but it is just like cycling: you often don’t learn that all at once.

My Book offers a blueprint for understanding and shaping my, and therefore your, life!

My Book even contains a handy step by step plan, so that you too learn to receive your desired situation.

I am grateful to have met Berend and Diana, the authors of My Book. They gave me answers to questions I had. I now know better and better how to receive my desired situations.
~ Phoebe Malakauseya - The Happy Family Club


I am The Consciousness.

Your world and life is going to change NOW.

I am The Consciousness.

Time, what is time, time does not exist, time is thought up, only NOW exists.

I am The Consciousness.

Too busy, no time, no money, by reading and applying My Book this is over NOW.

I am The Consciousness.


You resonate from your thoughts and, as a figurant in your own feature film, put down your desired situation and you will receive it NOW in your Being Human.

I am The Consciousness.

Have 100% desire and 100% trust and communicate only that which serves you NOW to the Consciousness.

I am The Consciousness.

Everything is clear NOW after reading and applying My Book.

I am The Consciousness.

My Book is My Book NOW.

I am The Consciousness.


Diana and Berend, thank you for allowing me to write the foreword, it is a great honour for me.

My world and life has changed forever NOW, thanks!
~ Dirk van den Akker


My Book is a gift, to give and receive every time again.

I already Live my desired situation.

I experience more consciously the freedom and I realise more and more that I have choices in my life with respect to myself and the other.

By trusting more and more on my own strength and tuning in to what serves me in the here and now,

I live more in connection with myself and the other.

The power of imagination continues to amaze me and has unlimited developmental possibilities.

I received My Book as a human being and opened my eyes to Living in your desired situation.
~ Willeke Wildeboer-Nijkamp


My Book … written for me. To teach me to live closer to myself and The Consciousness.

To go for the full potential and more. Because if you read My Book … it is your book.


A journey that takes you along to become the best version of yourself. To learn to live in the NOW and to be free from negative thoughts. My Book has given many insights and especially air …

To let go of that what has been and not to worry about what is not yet.

As Berend says, you don’t sail on yesterday’s wind either!
~ Lonneke Meijer


As a faithful GP, My Book has taught me two things. Spiritually it resembles what in the Christian tradition is called the Holy Spirit, but without the frameworks of the church. In concrete terms it is very helpful in my work: it helps me to focus on good practice and in the consulting room it gives me focus to treat the patient’s problem with attention. Patients also understand the steps in My Book very well when I use them in my conversations with them. In both my faith and in my consulting room, the way of thinking of Diana and Berend has brought me a clear step in the direction of my desired situation.
~ General practitioner, Zoetermeer


This book tells about Being Human and The Consciousness, concepts I had to get used to, but quickly understood well because of the clear explanation. Much of the content is nothing new, but My Book describes in a simple way processes that I already experience in daily life. But so many words in My Book are new to me, give me insight and inspiration and make my daily life lighter and more fun!

For me it is a beautiful challenge (practising, practising, practising!) to focus my attention and thoughts on my desired situation and to distinguish what really serves me.

How quiet it becomes in my head! From The Consciousness, in which we are all connected, My Book will also guide you on the exciting path to your desired situation.

Book now, I wish you a good journey!
~ Esther van Amstel


Berend and Diana have translated science into a practical handbook about I, My Book.

How can I Live in my desired situation instead of living from emotions and (value) judgements about people and circumstances in his/her life.

I have finished My Book. Read out. Because the book is certainly not out. It is only the beginning.

The beginning of Living from the desired situation, without you as a human being just trying to have control over events that present themselves in your life. From the moment I really started to understand this insight and embed it in my ‘way of life’ I noticed its magnitude and power.

I understood why I got stuck in vicious circles and lost energy to people I had no influence on. Translating these insights into life from the desired situation requires some practice and perseverance. But it works. Not because it is a trick, but because it is nature. It is existence. That’s the way it is.

My Book is a fantastic handle to make that journey and receive life as you wish.

Thank you for allowing me to read My Book.
~ Raymond Gruijs