MY BOOK finds its own readers. Here are also enthusiastic readers for whom Dutch or English is not their native language. We regularly receive a request from a reader from abroad to translate MY BOOK. The reader is enthusiastic and sees the added value and potential of MY BOOK for her or his fellow countrymen. Very often this reader turns out to be a professional translator… ;-). If this reader understands and applies the mindset of our thinking method, he can translate MY BOOK with the right words.


If we have learned one thing from the entire process of publishing MY BOOK and MY BOOK, it is unfortunately not possible for a translation agency to translate the essence of MY BOOK. We have therefore become critical when it comes to translation. That is one of the reasons why we have the manuscript read to proofreaders after the official translation.


The translations we are working on are: Spanish, Turkish, Italian and Russian.
Portuguese and Mexican will follow.


Do you like to be a proofreader? Or are you an enthusiastic reader who is skilled in translating? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are curious in which other language MY BOOK will be published!